Explosions, splats and spills are amongst the many experimental processes, which are involved in my drawings…

My work is an investigation into the potential and diversity of drawing as a medium and not ‘just a process’. Since the Modernist period, drawing has become very ‘accepted’ in the art world with more artists challenging the concept of drawing and ‘exposing’ their drawing ideas and works – it is drawing as the final outcome rather than a prepatory process.

The materials I explore are a combination of bubble solution, graphite and ink with time led and performative processes. The object is captured on paper. It dissolves, explodes and ceases to exist in its current form. What remains is a mark of an object that once existed, a moment captured in time. These created forms have then been manipulated and appropriated to create abstract scenes.

I enjoy the idea of creating a physical object, an object, which can only exist in a moment (in some cases in certain conditions) and trying to capture an essence of its being. I am changing the state of my materials for them to permanently alter, an everlasting change.

- Jenny Core